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The type of hair extensions you are referring to are all natural hair extensions that don’t damage your hair.These hair extensions remain attached to your natural

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I am a women, Ive had hair extensions done today, I have had them weaved in so I have little plaits all over my head. They are really hurting me and ive

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Hair extensions can add fullness and length to otherwise sad-looking locks, but the health hazards that accompany the popular Hollywood beauty treatment can far out

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Allure Backstage Anti-aging Beauty Advice Beauty News Beauty Products Beauty Trends Celebrities Is there a way to have extensions and not have hair damage or …

Best Answer: Sewn in extensions hurt a lot when they get put in, because they tightly braid your hair then use a need to sew them into the braids.

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Clip-in hair extensions are the #1 choice for adding length, volume and color to your own hair! They can transform your look by giving you longer, fuller hair in a

Learn the pros and cons of hair extensions with this guide to hair extensions whether you’re considering real hair extensions, fake hair extensions or any other long

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Hair extensions have a reputation for being high-maintenance, damaging, and an extravagance best left to people who frequent the red carpet. But I’ve tested a lot

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My hair is around my shoulders, too. I had hair extensions last summer. I had the glue-in kind, which were kind of a pain because you could never run your

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Aug 16, 2013 · Get good quality hair extensions. “Ask for Remy [human hair extensions] You can get long-term damage or hair loss if not properly done or …