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The way you wash your hair isn’t incredibly important part of you hair care routine. Here are some hair wash tips you can follow to make sure you are doing it right.

Hair salon etiquette: How much should you How Much Should You Tip Many give a 20 percent tip and figure that the stylist will share it with the shampoo washer.

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Hair All the Wrong Ways You’re Washing Your Hair Believe us when we say a good hair day begins in the shower.

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When a separate person washes your hair at the salon at what point do you tip the hair washer? Who do you tip during the holidays? And how much?

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These new hair-washing movements can help of these trends and offer the tips on how to find to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Your Wallet Full

So What Happened? Most of the people who said to tip were people who received much more than just a hair wash. Their hair washer spent a lot of time & even gave them

the cut costs $35 and I tip the cutter 7-10 how much should i tip the “hair washer” (shampoo and conditioner)?

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No. The salon I go to is frickin’ expensive! I can’t tip the colorist for my $150 highlights, and the stylist for my $45 haircut, and then tip the hair washer too!